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Anxiety and Phobia

Male, Age 29 years, Anxiety, Mid Back Pain

"Since I was 15, I've had mid back pain that bothered me when I woke up or sat too long. In addition, after a fall in the middle of a crowded movie theater many years ago in which I landed on my face, I developed a strange fuzzy, faint, anxious feeling that I would get every once in a while in public places. The feeling was extremely troubling and I was powerless to try and stop it. With Dr. Elster's treatment, some of my symptoms disappeared almost immediately, like the fuzzy, faint feelings. And sooner than I expected, the morning sore back disappeared. I really like the fact that Dr. Elster uses a reliable, technical device to check me to see if I need treatment. I also really appreciate the way she addresses ALL of my health concerns. I really feel that Dr. Elster's approach and manner of treatment is a true step forward for the chiropractic profession, a not-so-perfect science which I had never been able to fully reap the promised benefits of until now."

~ Andy, Denver, CO 

Female, Age 34 years, Agoraphobia, Insomnia

"This is the way I used to be -- very outgoing. I love to go out, anywhere and everywhere, with a bold adventurous outlook. I have been told that I am not shy. I have always been able to talk to complete strangers with ease and I am always eager to explore new places. This is the way I started acting - Trip Anxiety. The thought of going out of town was overwhelming. My sister would completely pack me, and I usually didn't even know what she would pack. That was enough of a problem, but I ran into serious trouble when I gradually found it harder and harder to leave my house.

Going to work became increasingly difficult. I would be ready, at the door, and it would take five minutes, then ten, and eventually hours before I could leave. It got to the point where I would try to leave, then return, and try to leave again, sometimes five or six times, before I could actually leave my house to go to work. After work I would go right home. If I needed groceries I would have to stop on the way home from work, and I would bring a list. If I didn't talk myself out of the need to stop while on the way, while in the store I would cross off most of the items and just get what I actually had to have. I began to find it almost impossible even to go to the mailbox after dark.

Dinner out was out of the was delivery or take-out or cook at home and movies on pay-per-view or cable, never the theater. I really started to miss hearing those live concerts too. This is what I tried to do to fix the problem - medical doctors of all kinds including traditional western docs and psychiatrists and alternative medicine doctors of all kinds, to no avail. Acupuncture was the only thing that helped, but it was a short-term band-aid. I became completely dependent on my husband and friends/family to come and get me if I needed to leave the house on a weekend or at night.

Nothing was working and the psychiatrists all said I wasn't crazy and that I seemed to have a neurotransmitter problem. I was told to plan outings as exercises, but this seemed to make matters worse. Nothing helped. This is what Dr. Elster did for me--

In my initial meeting with Erin Elster, she explored WHEN I started to have signs of trouble. Through her questioning, and the angle of impact that she suspected my injury had come, I remembered an instance when I had been hit on the head over a year and a half ago. After just a mild bonk on the head with my head cocked to one side at just the wrong angle, I had become dizzy for a second, panicked for a moment, and I remembered that I lost track of time for a few hours that evening. I thought nothing of it the next day. Dr. Elster took x-rays and showed my husband and me how that slight impact had pushed the atlas to one side impairing the ability of some of the nerves to function properly.

After she had time to study the x-rays, my husband drove me to her office and Dr. Elster laid me down on her special table and pushed that atlas back into place in one motion. After a few minutes of resting, I went out to breakfast, even choosing a second restaurant and then shopping. I've been running around ever since. Thank you Dr. Elster."

~ JanetteBoulder, CO 

Female, Age 39 years, Anxiety, Emetophobia

“Phobias can be debilitating and mine was no exception.  I have emetophobia, an irrational fear of me or someone else getting sick and vomiting, and my entire life has been riddled with fear.  Reactions characterizing my typical nervousness include increased heart rate, shakiness, a hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach, and clammy hands.

These symptoms were manageable for me until a decade ago.  I was involved in a car accident at that time, which, according to Dr. Elster’s description of possible catalysts, most likely intensified my condition.  I began to notice more pronounced symptoms – an overwhelming desire to isolate myself, feelings of hopelessness, inability to breathe calmly, and inability to focus my thoughts.  Whenever I was in what I perceived to be a threatening situation, the panic would almost overwhelm me.  The most pronounced physical symptom was repeated “waves” of nervousness permeating my entire body.  Sleeping was also a challenge, as I would wake up with those waves coursing through me.  I lived without a good night’s rest for several years.  As would be expected, daily life was becoming intolerable.

A friend recommended Dr. Elster and gave me a brochure outlining some of the physical ailments that had been relieved by her method of atlas care.  One of them was phobias.  I must admit I was skeptical but I was also desperate.

The first visit revealed my head was indeed sitting atop my spine lopsided, which was preventing panic-relieving chemicals from passing from my head to the rest of my body.

Within a month after my first treatment, I was sleeping uninterrupted.  I continued with the treatments and although I cannot pinpoint the exact moment my panic attacks subsided, I can relate with certainty that within nine months, the intense symptoms of my phobia were gone!

After three years now, I continue to sleep deeply and thoroughly and when I find myself in situations that may involve illness, I am able to function without panic.

I am confident, and frankly thrilled, that Dr. Elster’s re-positioning my atlas has contributed to my recovery.”

~ Jenn Z., Longmont, CO

Asthma and Allergies

Male, Age 51 years, Arm Numbness, Asthma

"I am writing to thank Dr. Elster for all the good work she's done on my neck. The tingling sensation in my arm that I got from my ski accident is almost completely gone and that is a big relief. Even more important for me, however, is that my allergies and exercise-induced asthma are much better. I had looked at Dr. Elster's literature before I went to see her, and understood the connection she made between spinal cord irritation and allergies. In my case, the connection seems to be very much there. My hay fever started to diminish within the first three weeks of atlas treatment, and continued to improve all summer. I've had less trouble with hay fever this summer than any summer since I moved to Colorado. The hay fever improvement is easy to notice, but I wouldn't be surprised to find that my other organs have been helped by this treatment as well. So, thank you for changing my life. "

~ Brian, Boulder, CO 

Female, Age 23 years, Chronic Allergic Cough

"I began having a dry, hacking cough around the spring and fall about eight years ago. The cough was very hard and forceful at times and lasted one-two months. I tried to alleviate the cough with over the counter cough medicines but that didn't work. Then I tried a prescription cough syrup that I took for several years but it was not working. An x-ray of my lungs was even taken but revealed nothing. Eventually I was referred to an allergist who found me to be an allergic person, but did not know what was causing the cough. He prescribed oral and nasal inhalers, with no luck.

I then read about Dr. Erin Elster. She took x-rays and found a vertebra in my cervical area of my spine to be out of place and made her correction. After only a few treatments, my cough disappeared and has stayed away for an entire year with check-ups. This is the most anyone has been able to do for my chronic allergic cough in 7 years!"

~ Sara, Denver, CO 

Female, Age 27 years, Asthma, Allergies

"Yes, I admit I was a bit of a skeptic in the beginning - but no more! After living with asthma, allergies, and congestion for more than 20 years, I was ready to try anything. Carrying Kleenex, allergy pills, 2 inhalers and constantly worrying about an attack was wearing me down. After discussing Dr. Erin Elster's practice, I decided to try it out. The first adjustment not only cleared my sinuses, but also had an impact on my chronic asthma. Everything was so clear. I continued to visit Dr. Elster on a weekly basis and now every two weeks. It has become apparent to me that within a few short months, Dr. Elster has begun to unravel a mystery that conventional medicine continues to ponder. I no longer carry Kleenex and I can't remember the last time I took an allergy pill. I must thank Dr. Elster for improving the quality of my life. I wish I had known about this treatment when I was much younger!"

~ Stefanie, Denver, CO 

Female, Age 29 years, Allergies

"I've been severely affected with allergies for the past five years. During those years, I've depended on strong, irritating allergy pills to control my wheezing, constant runny nose, watery eyes, and sneezing-- especially awful during spring and fall. Since seeing Dr. Elster for only one month during prime allergy season, my allergies have disappeared. I haven't taken any allergy medication since my treatment began with her. Only a series of minor atlas corrections have been performed by Dr. Elster and the results were immediate. Dr. Elster has changed my life in one month by helping me understand why I was affected with allergies, how they occurred, and how I can prevent them from affecting me again. No more awful allergy pills -- and I can breathe through my nose again!"

~ Melinda, Denver, CO 

Male, Age 9 years, Chronic Ear Infections, Headaches, Muscle Aches

"My son, Max, was plagued by ear infections almost from the time he came home from the hospital (after a forceps birth.) After many rounds of antibiotics, he eventually had three sets of tubes, a tonsillectomy and an adenoidectomy by the time he was five years old. This past fall, at age nine, he had two very poor hearing test scores at school. His ears were full of fluid; there was absolutely no movement of the eardrum; and his hearing was bordering on the point where he would require a hearing aide. The ear doctor told me that Max would need another set of tubes and the audiologist was pushing me to do something quickly because the hearing loss was so severe. This was all very upsetting to me because I did not want to do another set of tubes-- I felt intuitively that they could cause hearing damage and the operation was too invasive.

A friend recommended that I see Dr. Erin Elster. Dr. Elster saw Max for a few months in the fall. Then we went back to the ear doctor who had still been recommending that we do the ear tubes immediately. The doctor let me look in the ear scope with him and I saw instantly that Max's eardrums were clear and pink with perfect movement. The doctor could almost not believe it and he said we would have to wait and see how the hearing test came out. The audiologist tested his hearing on the spot and burst out of the room with a huge smile on her face and said that his hearing was great. The change was miraculous-- I never expected such an incredible turnaround and amazing results. I have to say it feels like a miracle to me-- thank you God and thank you Dr. Elster."

~ Nancy, about her son, Max, Boulder, CO

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

Female, Age 32 years, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Vertigo, Headaches

"I'm a patient from Europe who would like to take the opportunity to thank Dr. Elster for her outstanding care during the last seven months. I sustained a neck injury after a skiing accident three years ago, and experienced debilitating symptoms like chronic fatigue, excessive need for sleep, excruciating headaches, dizziness, nausea, tinnitus, muscular tensions, noise and light sensitivity. I had been to several neurologists, doctors and physiotherapists, all to no avail. The MRIs were negative and my doctors told me that nothing was really wrong with me, but I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. The symptoms prevented me from being able to work at all and I had to rely on welfare benefits, being awake only a few painful hours every day.

I found Dr. Elster¹s website accidentally on the internet and emailed her immediately after reading about her atlas care. Since I'm from Norway, Europe, it was a big decision for me to take the chance and to go see Dr. Elster in Colorado. I had to borrow money to be able to go, and at the time I went to the States my symptoms had worsened, so the long journey was very hard on me. Dr. Elster was able to pinpoint the injury no other doctor had found and she started her care immediately after the initial assessment. I had cleared four months to stay for treatment but after only 6-7 weeks I was getting so much better (and restless) that I began to travel the world again, doing the things I love to do, photography and scuba diving. I've been able to travel between Dr. Elster's office in Colorado and foreign countries, staying regularly for treatments and check-ups in between my travels. I will soon start working again as a clinical psychologist only seven months after the treatment started.

I'm ashamed to admit I was rather skeptical that Dr. Elster would be able to cure me, since I had so many debilitating symptoms and I'd been sick for so long. I am extremely happy I took the chance and went to the States to see Dr. Elster. My recovery feels like a miracle. If you are experiencing symptoms related to an atlas injury, take the chance and go to see her. If she's able to help you, it'll be well worth the cost and effort.

Dr. Elster is one of the most professional and efficient practitioners I've ever met and I am forever grateful for her care."

~ Kristin, Norway

Female, Age 60 years, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

"Somehow, somewhere far from home, I got my life back.  After 27 years of gradually-progressing fibromyalgia, the pain and all-encompassing fatigue is gone.  It is miraculous!

In July of this year I was sure I had no life, no energy to imagine getting though another day.  When my pain reached a scale of 8-10 most of the time and I had to use a wheelchair to get around because my feet hurt after walking the length of my house, my doctors tried some new medications.  This bought me enough time to travel to Maui for a vacation; I figured that at least I would hurt in a beautiful place with lots of green plants, warm water and sunshine.  Instead, accidentally, I found a Doctor who in a matter of weeks would give me back my life.  I was reading a newspaper and found an ad for Dr. Erin Elster, specializing in atlas care.  Because neck treatments had sometimes brought temporary relief, I made an appointment.

While sitting in her office I picked up a paper and read an article that touted a 90% cure for trauma-based fibromyalgia.  Trauma-based; yes, my four neck traumas fit that criteria.  She sent me for x-rays, something I had endured before with no answers.  When I returned, she pulled up the x-rays and showed me something I could not have imagined.  My atlas vertebrae had been pushed ever so slightly out of alignment with the axis of my head.  The consequence of “ever so slightly” was constant and unrelenting pain and she told me she could fix it.  I cried, of course, and had my first treatment with Dr. Elster.  She had me on my knees bent over a stool and took the heel of her hand and gently moved my atlas into the correct placement.  She, then, had me lie down in a quiet room for 30 minutes to recover.  By the time I stood up, I was able to stand straight for the first time in years.  My legs no longer tingled and zapped.  My head no longer felt like it weighed 50 pounds.  My feet did not hurt from the weight of my body.  And I cried again.

I returned to her office every 3-4 days during my vacation.  All but one of the visits she did another treatment, using a temperature-based tool to see of it had slipped back.  It has been in the incorrect posture for so long it could take many corrections to retrain the muscles and tendons.  But it worked and my pain is gone.  Not just a bit better, but gone.  I actually have walked and hiked around the island several times.

I had often thought my pain was rooted in my neck.  I tried almost every chiropractor and practitioner in town; if they were able to even adjust my neck, the relief was temporary and within days the pain returned.  An MRI showed mild degeneration and osteoarthritis.  Dr. Erin Elster actually showed me the slip on several x-ray views of my neck within one day.  She then fixed it.  It was all she does actually, and very successfully.

Will I always feel this way? In less than a week I return to my home and will see what joys await.   I found a provider of similar care 60 miles from my home to follow up with.  I do not want to miss these next couple of decades for anything.  I will never forget Dr. Elster – she saved my life!

Mahalo Piha Erin!"

~ Donna V., Grand Junction, CO

Male, Age 20 years, Insomnia

"I started racing bicycles in 1990 and steadily progressed in my skills and fitness until a bad crash in the fall of 1993. I went down on a road ride and dislocated my shoulder. I eventually healed and resumed riding and racing. It did not take long to regain my fitness; however, I soon plateaued and was unable to move beyond a certain level. During the next few years I became actively involved in other aspects of the sport including coaching. It was then that I noticed that something was not quite right. I was able to coach a family friend to four Jr. National championships, so I clearly understood training principles and knew what needed to be done to achieve a high level of fitness, but I could not reach that level personally. During this time, I noticed that I gradually had more and more trouble falling asleep at night.

I started seeing Dr. Elster four years after my bad crash and within a few weeks I began to sleep better. I can now fall asleep almost immediately. In addition, I have finally started to advance to a higher fitness level because I am able to rest and recover from workouts more effectively. I am currently a category 3 road racer and expert level mountain biker. Both upgrades I have achieved just this year."

~ Robert, Boulder, CO 

Female, Age 38 years, Chronic Fatigue, Asthma, Radiating Pain

"Dear Dr. Elster,

It has been a little over a year that I had my first visit with you and I want to express my sincere gratitude for your role in my healing! I arrived at your office with symptoms of: constant fatigue, breathing difficulties, severe constipation, radiating pain on the right side of my body and many more!

I walked in with a feeling of hopelessness, dragged in by a client of yours whom you had helped, doubtful that you, or anyone else for that matter, would be able to help me. You were the 9th specialist within a year and a half that I sought out for my symptoms. I saw allergists, thyroid specialists, Ear Nose and Throat Specialists, Pulmonary Specialists and your typical chiropractor, they could not figure out what was wrong with me!! I was on asthma medication, pain killers and steroids but the doctors could not figure out why I could not breathe! Not only did I lose my health but I lost my job while I continued to spend thousands out of my pocket on finding a medical solution.

After my initial x-ray, exam and history evaluation with you, you told me "I can help you", I was stunned because you were the first medical professional to tell me what was wrong with me and you gave me the assurance that you could fix it!! I had my doubts but I decided to give you and your technique a chance! I thank God that I did!

After a couple of weeks, I was off my asthma medication and steroids and was in less pain. Prior to visiting you, I saw a chiropractor in Brighton who tried to help me but was clueless and he too told me that it must be allergies to the environment! I had heard it all before!

I'm writing this letter to you to tell you what a wonderful gift you are to me and to so many others!! I have started running again, going to the gym and the majority of my symptoms have cleared up just as you promised that they would. I am grateful to have my health back and thus my life! I owe it all to you!!"

~ Nikki C., Longmont, CO

Dizziness and Vertigo

Female, Age 51 years, Labyrinthitis, Dizziness

"After the better part of a decade, I've been able to stop taking a daily decongestant thanks to Dr. Erin Elster. About 10 years ago I began having dizzy spells, possibly the result of an earlier car accident that landed me in the hospital for a month with two fractured cervical vertebrae. Doctors, however, diagnosed me as having labyrinthitis and prescribed decongestants and anti-nausea medication. The decongestants kept the dizziness at bay, but each attempt to stop taking them resulted in catching colds, including stuffy ears and returned dizziness. I did not like the prospect of relying on a decongestant for the rest of my life, and became very excited when I heard the many successful results that Dr. Elster's patients were reporting. However, having had two fractured cervical vertebrae, I was not going to let just anyone mess with my neck. It is very reassuring for me that she measures my progress with her scanner and computer system, and gives me a correction only when I need it. I stopped taking the decongestants immediately after my first treatment, and am elated that the dizziness has not returned. In the past eight months, I've taken a decongestant only two days because I caught a small cold and didn't want to fly with stuffy ears. It has been worth every mile that I travel to see Dr. Elster, and I am so thankful that she's been able to eliminate the dizziness and get me off decongestants. "

~ Debbie, Las Vegas, NV 

Female, Age 47 years, Cervicogenic Vertigo, Headaches, Neck Pain 

"A few months ago, I began treatment with Dr. Erin Elster in Boulder, CO. We googled the phrase cevicogenic vertigo and found her very informative website. Six months prior to this, I had two very traumatic falls. First, I slipped on black ice in a parking lot while I was in my ski boots carrying my skis and poles. I slipped so quickly that my feet flew straight up in the air and I landed extremely hard on my left shoulder, back and neck area. I lifted my head before it hit the ground and I felt my head compress into my shoulders. I gathered my things and went skiing, shocked that nothing was broken. The next day skiing, I skied in a trough and ejected from my skis, flipped over and landed on top of a mogul on the upper left thoracic area of my back. Double whammy!! And I still skied for the rest of the day. At this time in my life I was a 46 year old athletic female, part time ski instructor, and full time jail deputy in the small Aspen, CO county jail. I hiked, biked, kayaked, skied and participated in all the mountains have to offer. Two weeks after my falls with only minor stiffness in my neck and shoulder I started to experience dizzy spells. As days went by I continued to have additional symptoms and more severe debilitating issues.

My symptoms were:
- Extreme dizziness- would even wake me out of a sound sleep
- Nausea – I was unable to eat hardly anything lost 25 pounds in 3-4 months
- Headaches- severe frontal and occipital
- Difficulty swallowing
- Numbness in left hand and left foot
- Spinal spasms
- Stiff neck and upper back with tingling and numbness
- Unable to drive or ride in a car without become extremely dizzy and nauseous
- Unable to shop at any type of store, blur of the lights, motions of people, were so overstimulating I had difficulty remembering anything; I usually ended up leaving the store without my groceries.
- The motion of bending my head to read or look at a computer screen also made me dizzy and nauseous.
- Had trouble sitting in chairs, was comfortable lying down completely flat or standing.

I was unable to work and could barely leave the house. Here is a list of medical people I saw: 2 general chiropractors, 1 General Practitioner, 2 orthopedic spine doctors, 2 physical medical doctors, 3 neurologists (1 diagnosed cervicogenic vertigo, 1 had no answer for me, 1 diagnosed post concussive head injury), 1 acupuncturist, 1 pain management doctor, multiple IMS treatments (type of acupuncture), Physical therapy (soft tissue work). I had also been given the following medications: 2 cervical spine steroid injections, Tizandine, Trazodone, Oxycodone, Ativan, Vicodin, and ambien. None of these treatments or doctors helped me.

By the time I visited Dr. Elster I was still experiencing all of my symptoms. During her initial consultation, precision x-rays showed the misalignment of my atlas vertebrae 4mm so Dr. Elster performed a correction by hand (it was a slight force but nothing painful and does not involve any twisting.) Her confidence and knowledge about my injury was reassuring and I finally felt someone understood and believed me and my symptoms. I broke down and cried and Dr. Elster assured me with time I would be better. At this point I needed to be checked a couple of times a week, so I stayed with friends in Boulder (the drive back and forth from Aspen to Boulder was detrimental to my healing. The motion of the car and curvy mountain roads were counterproductive.) For the next 6 weeks, I started to slowly improve. A couple of months later, I left Boulder and returned home. I was now able to check in with Dr. Elster on a weekly basis and able to tolerate the ride as a passenger. My exercise level was increasing and my symptoms were subsiding. This appears to be the only medical treatment along with soft tissue work that improves my health. Dr. Elster's training and professionalism is outstanding. She is to be commended on her availability and patience. Many a time I called to cry on her shoulder and she was always there to reassure me. Dr. Elster frequently answers her own phone and promptly returns calls. Her website is very helpful. If not for her treatment I am not sure where I would be right now, possibly still lying on my yoga mat staring at the tree tops. I am currently skiing and hiking and life is getting better, again! I believe Dr. Elster’s atlas treatment could help more people with head and neck injuries."

~ Michelle S., Aspen, CO

Female, Age 37 years, Vertigo, Labyrinthitis

"For nearly seven years, I had been living with miserable symptoms that drastically changed how I lived my daily life. There was no obvious injury so it was frustrating to understand what might be going on with my body. Initially, I did seek out traditional medical consults from family doctors, neurologist, ENT, but at the end of all the testing nothing was explaining my symptoms and therefore no cure. My symptoms included dizziness, especially if I moved my head quickly, loss of balance when walking, decreased coordination, nausea which accompanied the dizziness, visual disturbances i.e. increase sensitivity to light and noise, difficulty reading words, visual distortions, lack of concentration, word finding problems, pin and needles sensation at my arms and legs. I had some pain in my neck area but managed that with advil and massages. The relief lasted only 3 weeks at a time. Experiencing all of these symptoms made basic activities such as grocery shopping, watching a basketball or baseball game, raking in the garden very difficult and miserable. I always felt like my head was not attached to my body. I knew it had to be something involving my neck but it seemed like the physicians were not interested in looking into this area. I decided I needed to find a specialist so I began my search on the internet. Fortunately, I found Dr. Elster on the internet. After reading what her consult and treatments consisted of I knew I had finally found someone who could help me. I made an appointment for the evaluation. Upon her evaluation, she found I did have a 3 mm shift to the right at my atlas vertebrae. After one correction to my atlas, my symptoms decreased by 95%.

It's been nearly ten months since my first atlas correction from Dr. Elster.  What has been amazing to me is how all of the horrible symptoms, vertigo, difficulty concentrating, visual disturbances, are now 100% resolved. I don't dread going about my day because I'm able to perform all of my regular activities without any flare-ups. I SO appreciate the work Dr. Elster provides and can’t express enough thanks for her skills!  I am grateful to her for giving me my life back!"

~ Michelle C., La Salle, CO 

Female, Age 64 years, Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

"Vertigo (BPPV - Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) is a condition that Dr. Erin Elster has successfully resolved for me.  My experiences with this condition involved episodes of mild dizziness and nausea, which were triggered by changes in the position of my head, such as lying down or sitting up in bed and rolling to my side.  Sometimes it felt like the inside of my head was spinning. Although, I never had any neck pain associated with this condition, I felt that it might have resulted from a misalignment of my neck. I was extremely fortunate to have received an atlas correction from Dr. Elster the first time I experienced this problem and the symptoms subsided.  Periodic visits to her have kept me symptom-free.  I would highly recommend Dr. Elster.  She is a gem!"

~ Pamela, Wailuku, HI

Female, Age 53 years, Chronic Fatigue, Vertigo, Disembarkment Syndrome

“Approximately 15 years ago, I started experiencing extreme fatigue. I have always been a very active, on-the-go type of personality.  Suddenly, I found myself unable to lift my head off the pillow in the mornings.  My muscles ached to where I labored in even just trying to stand up, let alone walk.  I began to have difficulty remembering things and sometimes had trouble putting my thoughts into intelligent sentences.

My fatigue continued to worsen and I began contacting all of the known chronic fatigue specialists I could locate in my area but the long periods of fatigue continued for roughly 4 more years.  Then, I came down with a couple of new symptoms to my existing list – vertigo, blinding headaches and increased fatigue.

Once again, medical specialists performed a litany of tests on me.  Tests for vertigo and inner ear infections and disorders were performed to no avail.  Results again negative.  I was told at the time it could be MS or even a brain tumor.  I was given MRI’s, CT scans and EKG’s; all negative.  The resulting diagnosis was Disembarkment Syndrome and the treatment prescribed was physical therapy – therapy such as stationary bicycle work, balancing on foam pads and many other things to try to get my sense of balance back.

The vertigo was a recurring symptom when encountering some of the most basic and simple functions in life, such as riding in a vehicle, walking through crowds, watching a movie in a theater or even television.  Grocery shopping became a chore to avoid because of the crowded aisles or even being able to negotiate the cart straight down the rows.  I could not ride any form of public transportation, light rail, buses, airplanes or boats.  I could not even ride a bicycle, walk on a treadmill or even swim due to the motion generated from all of these activities.  Again, more physical therapy was prescribed.

Next, I went to see a naturopathic physician.  My lab results indicated to him that my mercury level was too high.  I then endured a chelating and cleansing program with extreme changes to my diet.  My vertigo continued however, even after being declared mercury-free.

After that, more trips to chiropractors as well as x-rays and more tests for MS and brain tumors; nothing helped and all tests were negative.  It was recommended at this time that I attend a support group counseling session (just in case it was all in my head) where everyone sits around and shares their stories and thoughts about why they feel so miserable.  Not only does the physical pain and the resulting limitations put unbearable stress on what’s left of your daily life, but at some point throughout this whole process, the mental strain of it all partners with the physical and attacks you from both sides.

Overcome with despair, my husband and I agreed we would go anywhere to find someone, anyone who could offer even an ounce of relief for me.  I searched the internet for just the right fit and by the grace of God, I found Dr. Erin Elster’s website.  I could not believe my good fortune to have found someone who was actually describing me and my symptoms and who was treating people suffering from some of the same ailments I had endured for years!  I was beside myself with renewed hope for relief, finally!

I scheduled my first appointment with Dr. Elster.  After very specialized diagnostic tests were performed, Dr. Elster was able to pinpoint where my upper neck and skull were misaligned.  She went over very clearly with me what my treatment would entail with very precise atlas corrections.  I can now gratefully say that my symptoms gradually healed over time.  Occasionally, my symptoms will return if I have done something to aggravate my neck.  Then I know I need a quick visit to Dr. Elster and I am back on track.

What a blessing it was to have found Dr. Elster.  I actually felt my life being given back to me after being treated by her.  I truly was on the brink of despair when her name appeared before me on my computer screen.  I do not know where I would be today if I had not discovered Dr. Elster and I hope and pray that anyone with even the slightest of the symptoms some of us have endured can be as fortunate and as grateful as I am for having met and become acquainted with Dr. Elster.”

~ Renee, Littleton, CO

Infantile Colic

Twin Males, Age 3 months, Acid Reflux - Female, Age 39, Whiplash

“I have been in Dr. Elster’s care for nearly 10 years.  She has been miraculous in the treatment of an old whiplash injury.  It only took 2 treatments before I was able to return to work after being bedridden for two weeks.  She has also treated and continues to treat a number of family members and friends.

I am most grateful for the results we experienced with our infant twin boys.  Both of them were diagnosed with acid reflux.  Their pediatrician prescribed Zantac and we were giving both our sons daily doses when they were only 1-2 months old.  Both were having serious problems keeping food down and both were in considerable pain.  At 3 months of age, we brought them to Dr. Elster.  Both boys had full recoveries within three weeks.  Their dispositions changed and we saw the truly happy babies that they were meant to be.  The trouble sleeping, eating, and general fussiness all disappeared.  We stopped the Zantac and did not have any reoccurrence of their symptoms.

Dr. Elster provides specialized treatment and is indispensable to my family’s health and well-being.  She will always be an integral part of our health care.”

~Michelle P., Boulder, CO

Children, Ages 2 and 5, Colic, Colds 

"As a parent, my biggest concern is the health and wellbeing of my children.  My 5-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter have been patients of Dr. Elster's since they were a few weeks old.  Their births were seemingly normal but traumatic enough to affect their spines and cause minor atlas injuries.

My daughter suffered briefly from colic but showed immediate improvement when seen by Dr. Elster at 2 weeks old.  Both kids continue to receive regular check-ups at the first sign of a cold or an unusually hard fall.  They are happy, HEALTHY and well "adjusted" which helps me feel more confident as a parent.  I haven't had to worry about common childhood illnesses or ear infections, headaches, bed-wetting, or respiratory problems such as asthma.

They are healthy children given the best advantage towards growing into health adults.  A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Elster's deep commitment to helping her patients."

~ Cyndie V. (mom), Superior, CO

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Female, Age 28 years, Irritable Bowel Disease

"My problems began about 6 months ago. I started gaining weight and became incredibly lethargic, uncomfortable, frustrated, and depressed. I was bloated on a daily basis. Everything I ate and drank affected me; I retained everything and was incredibly distended and uncomfortable. It got to the point where I was afraid to eat anything.

After dealing with these symptoms for several months I finally went to the hospital. All they could come with was that I was constipated and I was prescribed laxatives. For five miserable days I took the laxatives and drained everything out of my body but within days my symptoms returned. I went through a series of tests including blood work and a CAT scan but no one understood what was happening to my body.

It was at this time that I was referred to a G.I. and was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. He prescribed medication and told me that I would most likely be on the medication for the rest of my life. I couldn't believe it! The medication caused me to cramp and I became incredibly dehydrated. I was in pain. My doctor assured me that it was going to take time to adapt and then prescribed another drug. Functioning on these drugs was nearly impossible; I was spacey and exhausted. I went off these drugs after a month.

I turned to a nutritionist for help who suggested I eliminate certain items from my diet, which helped me to feel better but I never returned to normal. That's when I ran across Dr. Elster's web site. I had heard about Dr. Elster through a friend. I was a little skeptical at first, but I truly had nothing to lose, so I set up an appointment. Within one month I felt better! My symptoms subsided, my energy level increased and my attitude changed. It's still hard for me to believe that I felt so differently just a few months ago. Thank you Dr. Elster!"

~ Stacy, Denver, CO 

Migraine and Cluster Headache

Female, Age 19 years, Migraine Headaches

"I was officially diagnosed with migraines when I was 12 years old.  As I got older they became so severe and frequent (daily) that I was unable to attend high school during several months of my junior and senior year.  During those months I spent most of my time secluded in my bedroom with black sheets on the windows.  I was in the doctor’s office weekly - I had a CT-scan, an MRI and several blood tests – but I still had no answers to the cause of the migraines.  I tried almost everything – oxygen, a restricted diet, bio-feedback (brain training), multiple impulse therapy, essential oils, deep tissue massage and herbal teas while still taking prescription pain medications (other medications included a serotonin-agonist drug, anti-seizure meds and an anti–depressant) plus the maximum daily allowance of OTC  pain medication.  I also had several morphine shots.  I was in constant pain and heavily medicated all the time.  My daily routine revolved around my migraines.  I was apprehensive to leave the house and if I did it was only for short durations.

Eight months ago the migraines started again and within the first week I went to see a new neurologist.  My visit was extremely disappointing - he barely spoke to me, glanced over my records and prescribed more medication.  I felt like this was a dead end and I would have to deal with these debilitating migraines for the rest of my life.

A friend gave me a pamphlet from a co-worker who was receiving treatment for her migraines from Dr. Elster.  Upon reading its content and visiting the website, I made an appointment and followed the necessary procedures. The next morning I had my first treatment with Dr. Elster and I have NOT had a migraine since.  Within two months I was able to stop taking all OTC drugs and prescribed medications.  I have been able to do all the things that I enjoy without any limitations!

Dr. Elster’s atlas treatment and expertise has been an answer to many prayers.  It has brought me relief beyond my imagination.  I wish I would have found her sooner and highly recommend her treatment and services."

~ Gabrielle, Lahaina, HI

Female, Age 19 years, Headaches, Fainting Spells, Insomnia, Fatigue

“I'm from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. About five years ago, I was knocked to the ground by a series of large waves, while on vacation in the beautiful Seychelles.

Since then, I experienced severe headaches and fainting spells every day. I was 15 years old at the time, and I was almost unable to go to school or live a normal childhood. I also had trouble with insomnia and fatigue.

After a series of medical tests, the doctors decided I had either migraines or psychological problems. Because my parents and I did not accept this, we started searching for other forms of medical treatment.

That's how we ended up at a local practitioner in the Netherlands who located the problem in my neck. After years of treatment by that doctor, my symptoms improved somewhat but were still debilitating.

So we started searching the internet for international doctors who might have more experience treating patients with similar problems. That's how we found Dr. Erin Elster. Her web site looked very professional and her information sounded promising to us. After discussing the situation with Dr. Elster, my parents and I decided to travel to Colorado for a period of seven weeks. During my initial evaluation with Dr. Elster, I immediately felt welcome and comfortable. She is a very sweet woman, who could give me more answers to my problem than any doctor in The Netherlands ever did.

After my first atlas correction with Dr. Elster, I stopped fainting. After two weeks of care, my headaches diminished and I felt more energetic each day. After seven weeks, my headaches disappeared, and I still had not fainted once during the entire period. I feel healthy, energetic and happy. Amsterdam might seem very far away, but it's definitely worth making the trip."

~ Rose, the Netherlands

"Dear Dr. Elster: After several weeks back at home, my daughter is still feeling well. She has not had any headaches or fainting and she feels happy and healthy. We had a party the week after she came home and all of her friends and family were excited to see her eyes so bright and full of energy. My wife and I want to thank you so much for what you did for her and for your enthusiasm and encouragement. We can hardly believe the changes in our daughter!"

~ Ton, about his daughter, Rose, The Netherlands

Female, Age 28 years, Migraine Headaches, Essential Tremor, Anxiety

"I began having migraines during the last 5 years after crashes snowboarding. My massage therapist suggested that I visit Dr. Elster to help relieve the headaches that I had been treating with daily medication. Within two weeks, my symptoms began to lessen. Within a month, I was able to stop taking my medication. My migraines have stopped, and as an added bonus, a life-long condition of essential tremors and anxiety disappeared also! Thank you Dr. Elster!"

~ Liz, Boulder, CO

Female, Age 49 years, Migraine Headaches

“I just saw a friend's post about her horrible migraines...and it hit me over the head that I haven't publicly promoted an excellent Doctor that I know and love in downtown Kahului that has CURED my bi-monthly migraine problem!

For the past 20 years I was getting horrible migraines...early on I'd get about 2 a year...then 4 annually...and in the past 8 years they increased in number to as many as 2 a month...

About one year ago I saw a Maui Doctor named Erin Elster that works downtown...I had X-rays that showed a fairly severe misalignment in my 'Atlas' (top vertebra) that had my head, unbeknownst to me, tilting fairly dramatically off to the left! Did I know this? NO! It was likely due to an athletic injury or wipe out in my early 20's as they were numerous...
Anyway...after my first treatment I did notice a difference and so I continued to visit her office once a month, then once every two months until my migraines completely I never get them anymore! This is a damn miracle!

I know that Migraines have a zillion triggers and everyone who gets them has their own I’m not saying that this is an 'across the board' solution for migraine sufferers by any means...but it did work for me.
Also, I am fairly certain that now my alignment in general has improved and blood flow to the brain in general! Hahahaha! Who couldn't use a bit more of THAT!?

If your migraines seem to include an incredibly stiff neck and sore may wish to consider going to a Doctor like Dr. Erin Elster, my hero!"

~ Kirstie, Kula, HI

Male, Age 32 years, Cluster Headaches

"I'd been suffering with cluster headaches for 13 years before I found Dr. Elster. Between the ages of 19 and 32, I went from having episodic to chronic cluster headaches. I saw and spoke with at least 50 different neurologists. They had me try all types of medication from oxygen to ergotamine to verapamil. None of it worked. Finally I was reduced to taking imitrex every day. My headaches were debilitating. My quality of life was diminished to the point that I couldn't leave my house. After over a decade of such suffering, I was so depressed that I began to contemplate suicide. I could no longer live with the pain and torment my headaches gave me. And then, like a miracle, I found Dr. Elster on the internet. She performed atlas treatment on my upper spine and I've been cluster headache free ever since!"

~ Jeremy S., Denver, CO

Female, Age 23 years, Migraine Headaches, Endometriosis

"When I began seeing Dr. Elster, I was suffering from 2 chronic problems - migraine headaches and endometriosis. I began having migraines when I was seven years old. I tried prescription drugs, biofeedback, and massages. While all of these helped, nothing seemed to prevent the headaches from starting. I began to accept the fact that I would have a migraine about two or three times a month for the rest of my life. I also suffered from irregular, heavy, and painful periods since I was about 13 years old. Eventually I began taking birth control pills to ease some of the discomfort. That seemed to work until about two years ago when I began suffering from ovarian cysts, severe cramping, and endometriosis. On advice from my father, a massage therapist, I began seeing Dr. Elster about nine months ago. Her atlas treatments have helped decrease the frequency of my migraines and the pain of my endometriosis. Today, I rarely get even a headache, let alone a migraine. My periods are more regular and the pain from the endometriosis has been reduced by about 70%! Thanks Dr. Elster!"

~ KathrynCarbondale, CO 

Female, Age 23 years, Migraine Headaches

"For years, I have dealt with having headaches on a daily basis. I have had severe migraines since I was in junior high school and have taken many strong medications for them and have gone through many tests. I have tried several different ways to get rid of them with no success-- drugs from a neurologist, acupuncture, herbs, and chiropractors. I then found Dr. Elster. I am happy to say that I have been headache-free for two months now and hope to remain that way as long as I continue my atlas care with her."

~ JamiBoulder, CO 

Female, Age 50 years, Migraine Headache, Chronic Fatigue, Hypothyroid

"I am an 18 year old girl from Norway. My mother and I have a very close relationship and we have always been like best friends.

My mother has been in great shape as long as I can remember, although she has had trouble with migraine headaches since she was a teenager. In spite of the migraines she kept on going, but two years ago it all came to a sudden stop. She got very sick and couldn't even walk up the stairs without getting tired. We were all scared, but the thing that scared us the most was that if she worked out, she got even worse. She went to the doctor, but he didn't believe her when she complained about pain and gained weight. He said that she was probably just getting older and therefore was depressed. It was terrible to see her sad because she couldn't work and be with me as much as she wanted to and I hated the fact that she thought she was fat and ugly.

I know my mother and I knew that it had to be something more than what the doctor had said. She went to another doctor to get a second opinion and they finally found out that she had hypothyroidism and that she also was starting to develop clear signs of asthma. Because it took so long to find that out, her illness had worsened and the medicine didn't help. I watched my mother lose her job, her health, her ability to do things with me and my brothers, and her physique and self-esteem. This was difficult for the whole family and I was very afraid that she would get even sicker. These illnesses didn't run in the family and it was scary that she got so sick in such short time.

My stepfather spent several hours awake on the computer looking for help. After some time he read some journal articles written by Dr. Erin Elster. Erin Elster is an atlas specialist and had written several articles about similar cases. She said that my mother's problems could occur as a result of trauma to the cervical spine. My stepfather wrote Dr. Elster about my mother. The only problem was that there are few people who are trained to perform this technique to the spine. This meant that my mother had to leave me and my stepfather and go to a new country totally alone. She was reluctant to do it, not only because she was scared, but also because that meant that she had to leave me for several weeks at a time many times. But she understood that a sick mom is no better than a mom that's away a lot and she finally went.

The flight took fourteen hours and she was tired when she came to Boulder, Colorado in America. My mother soon noticed the difference from Dr. Erin’s treatment and after only a few treatments she went jogging, something that she hadn't been able to do in two years. As my mother got better, she wanted to help others also, because that's the type of person she is. Because this is such a rare procedure, most people don't know about it yet, and when my mother went to the local paper to ask them to write about what Dr. Erin did, they didn't care.

I am convinced that there are many people out there that can also be helped. I hope that more doctors will choose to become trained so that more people can be helped and that more countries will be able to offer this treatment so people won't have to travel so far. I also want to thank Dr. Elster because she has given me my mother back and I want her to be able to help other moms and children."

~ daughter of Britt H., Norway

Female, Age 44 years, Migraine Headaches

"I had migraine headaches for the past 10 years. They started during a difficult pregnancy. After my daughter was born, the migraines increased and became a predictable event every month around my menstrual cycle. I became violently ill with my young daughter watching. I tried every possible medication and suggestion physicians offered but the migraines increased to at least twice a month. I felt very helpless. This past February I lost over three weeks of work when one migraine rolled into the next. It was at this time that a good friend told me about Dr. Erin Elster's work. A series of x-rays, several treatments, and Dr. Erin's encouragement were all it took to eliminate these debilitating headaches. It has been four months since I last had a migraine!!"

~ Jennifer, Denver, CO

Female, Age 24 years, Headaches

"I had been experiencing headaches off and on for the past three years - the type of headaches that would keep me up at night and make the day go very slow. I had tried several different methods to cure my sleepless nights, but nothing seemed to help. I had pretty much chalked up that uncomfortable ache as a part of life and didn't really ever expect it to go away. I was then introduced to Dr. Elster and her atlas specialty. I have had chiropractic adjustments in the past, but they were just temporary fixes. Needless to say, I was very skeptical of why this would be any different. Dr. Elster took the time to answer all of my questions and did a very thorough initial examination, including x-rays. After only a few months of treatments and return visits, I have been headache free for over two months now. Dr. Elster has made it possible for me to complete a day full of energy and get a good night’s sleep."

~ Tricia, Boulder, CO

Multiple Sclerosis

Female, Age 35 years, Multiple Sclerosis

"Five years ago, at age 30, I was diagnosed with MS. Within four days I went from being very active (just competed in the '24 hours of Moab' mountain biking race) to being partially paralyzed on my right side and not being able to keep a thought in my head. I started seeing Dr. Elster two weeks after being diagnosed with MS and she discovered an injury at my atlas vertebrae. Keeping a journal I noticed that when my atlas was out of alignment, my MS symptoms would get worse (even with the MS meds) but when the atlas vertebra was in position, I would recover. Five years later I am working full time, using both sides of the body, without MS meds and am doing great. With Dr. Elster’s care I have been able to regain my life back without being on long term medical care. A huge thank you to Dr. Elster and her quest for a better way of life."

~ Marybeth I., Boulder, CO 

Female, Age 41 years, Multiple Sclerosis

"I was a physically active, healthy, 41-year-old woman at the time of an accident at work. I fell down a flight of stairs and sustained a massive blow to my head and neck on the stair landing. Besides contusions to my neck, back, and shoulder blade areas, I also sprained my knee and hip. At the time of the fall, I blacked out, and then couldn’t see. I sat on the floor until my vision returned and then I went home early from work.

I went to the emergency room the next morning when I was barely able to move getting out of bed and I had a severe headache. I was seen by a doctor in the hospital who x-rayed me and sent me home to continue with ice/heat treatments to the head and neck and he put me on light duty at work. I continued weekly visits with the doctor but by the third week after the fall, my head, legs and feet started going numb, plus I started losing grip strength in my right hand. In addition, my blood pressure went up to 170/110 where previously I always had normal blood pressure.

In another month, I began having balance problems due to the lack of feeling in my feet and legs and my right arm and hand continued to be numb. My head was also numb and I had no feeling when I brushed my hair. I decided to change doctors and went to an orthopedic doctor for a second opinion. The new doctor ordered x-rays and MRI's of my head, neck and back. There were no broken bones but the MRI showed 4 lesions—2 on my brain where I sustained the blow to my head and 2 in my upper cervical neck area. I was also referred to a neurologist who ordered tests for Multiple Sclerosis— spinal, eye test, heart— and he also ordered a stress test since my blood pressure was still reading high. He put me on blood pressure medicine (which never did reduce my blood pressure) and he diagnosed me with MS. By this time, I was numb with no feeling in my legs/feet and my entire right side and I was losing control of my bodily functions. The orthopedic doctor sent me to a chiropractor and a physical therapist three times per week during this time (which never helped me.) I was started on pain medication/valium combination every 4-6 hours. At this point, my symptoms included severe headache and pressure in my neck like it was going to explode; no feeling in the right side of my body and my legs/feet; no coordination/balance (I had to hold on to something to walk); and severe motion sickness.

In another month (5 months after the accident), my condition continued to deteriorate so the neurologist ordered a home IV for a week (medication to reduce the swelling in my brain) and started me on MS injections three times per week. I continued chiropractic care and physical therapy with no improvement.

Eight months after the accident, I was hospitalized due to the total loss of bodily functions and was unable to stand up. My neck and back felt like they were going to explode and I still had a continuous headache since the day of the fall. I was kept sedated on pain medicine. I was eventually released from the hospital when I could walk and go to the bathroom on my own. Eventually I required more home IV’s for swelling of the brain/neck areas.

Approximately 11 months after the accident, I was given a magazine article about Dr. Erin Elster from Boulder, CO and atlas care and how her treatments had helped other people. We were living in Indiana at the time so my husband and I decided to go to Colorado and made an appointment for the next month.

One year after my accident, I had my first visit with Dr. Elster. She performed tests using Paraspinal Digital Infrared Imaging and Laser Aligned X-ray. These tests showed that my atlas vertebrae was displaced and that my head was not sitting on my neck. She did the first treatment (adjusted my head/neck alignment) and I had instant relief of the pressure in my neck and head areas. Within 2 weeks of treatments, the headaches that I had on daily basis since the fall were gone. I also started getting sensations back in my leg/feet areas and my right arm/hand area. I had no more motion sickness. After a month, my blood pressure returned to normal. I quit taking all of the medications for motion sickness, blood pressure, and the MS injections as they were making me sick. A few months later, a new MRI showed that my MS lesions were completely gone. I can never thank Dr. Elster enough for giving me my life back— I am now able to function as a person again!"

~ Jill R. Denver, CO

Female, Age 30 years, Multiple Sclerosis

"I spent this past Christmas in a rural log cabin, nestled in the foothills of Montana’s foothills to the Rocky Mountains. For a week, I spent my days snowshoeing and cross-country skiing and reveling in the majesty of winter. This might seem somewhat typical of holiday vacations, especially for someone like me in their early thirties. My contemporaries are highly physically active, running, biking and skiing. However, my activity this winter has been nothing short of miraculous. Six years ago, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was given a bleak dictate at the time, and was advised that my expectations for continued physical activity should be low. At the time I was experiencing numbness and tingling in my lower body. Suffice it to say, I was terrified and angry. Yet something inside of me told me not to give up.

I reflected on the history of my health. In my youth I was optimistic and physical, with only minor childhood maladies. At age 21, I was in a dramatic plane crash. I survived without a visible scratch but did not receive any physical evaluation. As the years progressed, I developed first neck pain, then back pain, then food sensitivities, then anxiety, then dizziness and finally numbness and tingling. Since the onset of symptoms was gradual (over a period of 5-7 years), neither I nor any of my doctors made a connection between the plane accident and my symptoms. I took antidepressants for depression and underwent intensive surgery in my inner ear to try and treat my dizziness. For several years I tried countless non-traditional healing modalities, since I was unwilling to take pharmaceuticals. I tried acupuncture and naturopathy, spiritual healing and Reiki, Blood Type and macrobiotic diets. Each yielded temporary relief to my symptoms, but none resulted in significant change.

After several years of searching, I was referred to Dr. Erin Elster in Colorado by a mutual acquaintance. I read her website, and was immediately compelled by her articles describing her success with MS patients. Initially though, I balked. Living in the Pacific Northwest, it was costly and cumbersome for me to seek treatment from a doctor 1500 miles away. I had visited several chiropractors over the years for my back pain, but the adjustments never held. After a history of failed attempts at improving my health, I was afraid that Dr. Elster’s treatment would not yield the success it had for other patients. Ultimately, it was Dr. Elster’s confidence and her track record in treating her patients that gave me the confidence to take the risk.

When I arrived at Dr. Elster’s office, I got to see first-hand what sets her treatment apart from others. She practices an advanced, rare procedure. In addition to standard x-ray diagnostics, she used a highly sophisticated scanning device, which enables her to determine if the atlas bone is out of alignment. Dr. Elster showed me the first hard evidence that I had seen in my entire process of seeking care. A bone in my neck was clearly out of place, which was the culprit for the numerous physiological and neurological problems I had been experiencing. Moments later, Dr. Elster performed my first atlas correction. Frightened at first by the idea of someone shifting the bones in my neck, the feeling that ensued can only be described as euphoric. It was as if all of the feeling and sensation that had been blocked for the past 10 years had been allowed to flow once again. I was moved to tears and grateful beyond words. Over time, feeling has been restored to numb and tingly places in my body. I went from relative sedentariness to swimming, then biking, then hiking and now skiing! Dr. Elster refuses to allow me to regard her as a miracle worker, but from my point of view, she is a life-saver. Because of her work, I have a new lease on life, I am gradually getting in better shape and I exercise frequently. More importantly, I have regained my sense of vitality and am now pursuing a graduate degree. I can only hope that more practitioners will be willing to pursue Dr. Elster’s training and many more people can be helped with this miraculous technique. "

~ Zoe K., Portland, OR 

Male, Age 33 years, Multiple Sclerosis

"My name is Matthew, I'm 33 years old and three years ago I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The atlas work that Erin Elster has performed on me has been life changing. Before I started seeing her I was having a lot of trouble with my balance, bladder control and eyesight. Also my main problem was L'hermitte's which is an electrical charge that you get through your whole body when you look down, which was very scary for me. I'm an athlete who has been getting some media attention due to my MS and the fact that I've made several first descents (skiing) in four continents in the last two years. Recently, Dr. Elster read an article about me in a local paper regarding my battles with MS and my desire to hike the Colorado trail to raise awareness for MS. She contacted me and told me she wanted to work on my atlas. I've seen a lot of doctors over the last three years and none of them have heard or understood what I've been saying to them but with Erin it was really different. She listened and fully comprehended my symptoms. Since I've been seeing her the L'hermitte's has disappeared, my balance has made a remarkable turnaround, no more bladder control problems, my eyesight is getting better and I feel like I'm on the road to recovery. I truly believe this is all thanks to Erin's atlas work. To anyone who is thinking about seeing her I highly recommend that you do as she has changed my life."

~ Matthew, Boulder, CO 

Female, Age 53 years, Multiple Sclerosis

"I am a 53 year old woman who has had MS for 21 years. Although my symptoms have been mild over the years, it was still annoying when a recent exacerbation occurred and did not go away. I heard about Dr. Elster through an article in the paper, which talked about her expertise in helping people with various problems including allergies. My daughter went to her for an allergy problem and had great success. I went to Dr. Elster to help alleviate MS symptoms, which had been present for several months. My neurologist had recommended medications such as avonex or betaseron, which I wanted to avoid having to take. The symptoms included tingling and buzzing down extremities, especially when I tipped my head forward (L’hermitte's Sign.) With one atlas treatment, these symptoms disappeared. Now, when I tip my head, there is still no tingling. Upon reexamination by my neurologist, she no longer recommended medication. While MS is a puzzling affliction, I do believe Dr. Elster helped me in correcting those symptoms and hopefully will make it possible not to ever have to go on medication."

~ Jean, Denver, CO 

Female, Age 55 years, Multiple Sclerosis

"My main problem was profound fatigue. When I first saw Dr. Elster, my energy was so low, that even my mind and my emotions were adversely affected. I felt like I had the flu all the time. After just a few atlas treatments, my energy and alertness improved. I feel lighter and clearer and generally healthier. Other have remarked on the improvement. Dr. Elster has helped me so much and I am very grateful."

~ Carole, Boulder, CO

Parkinson’s Disease

Male, Age 52 years, Parkinson's disease

"I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease two years ago by a local prominent neurologist and also by a specialist within the Baylor College of Medicine.  I had all of the typical symptoms including stooped posture, loss of balance, no energy, tremors, loss of voice, and difficulty walking and swallowing.  I was taking PD medications, vitamin therapy, and herbs but to no avail.  I was getting worse by the day and was very discouraged.  While searching the internet, I came upon Dr. Elster's website which contained numerous testimonies of how her atlas care had drastically made a difference in the lives of people afflicted with PD and other debilitating diseases.  Her hypothesis correlating neck trauma with my condition made perfect sense considering my past auto rollover injuries.  I immediately contacted Dr. Elster to begin her specialized care and subsequently in the last nine months, my improvement has been incredible and visible.  My energy level has been restored, my posture has improved, my voice has returned, and other symptoms have reduced substantially.  I feel like I have a new lease on life again and I'm deeply indebted to Dr. Elster.  Her compassionate care and skills are outstanding and I highly recommend her services to those with similar suffering."

~ Steve, Colorado Springs, CO

Male, Age 63 years, Parkinson's disease

"Because of the treatment I received as a participant in the three-month study conducted by Dr. Elster, I feel my agility and posture have improved. I believe I have better neck movement and am better able to rise up from a supine position, and I feel my improved posture allows me to walk and/or stand for longer periods of time with less fatigue. Thank you Dr. Elster."

~Virgil, Denver, CO

Male, Age 60 years, Parkinson's disease

"Since I started Dr. Elster's treatment, I have noticed improvement in the following areas: higher energy level, sleeping better, my left leg doesn't drag, walking is easier, and I can walk longer and further. My disposition is much improved plus my overall physical health is much better. When you're feeling well, your attitude toward yourself and those around you is much more positive. My wife, daughter, son, friends, neighbors and even members of our square dance group have all noticed a marked improvement in my physical and mental health. I highly recommend Dr. Elster's atlas treatment. My sincere thanks to Dr. Elster for helping me deal with Parkinson's in a positive way."

~ LarryDenver, CO 

Dear Dr. Elster: My name is Susan F. and I am the daughter of Larry, one of your Parkinson's patients. I want to thank you so much for all you have done for him and the remarkable progress he has made since being under your care. It is amazing the change we see in him, both physically and mentally. I hope you will continue your research in this very important area...thank you again for your insight and research on Parkinson's, you are making a wonderful difference in many lives."

~ Susan F., Bedford, TX

Male, Age 47 years, Parkinson's disease

"My energy level has improved noticeably during "on" times with less pronounced fatigue and more lengthy "on" times. Prior to the study my sleep was very erratic and now has improved substantially. I've also noticed a big improvement in my lower back pain along with better mobility in both my neck and back. My attitude and mood have also improved due to the positive changes and improvements that I've experienced as a result of Dr. Elster’s treatment. Since the study began I've discovered that I look forward to the treatments and I hope that continuing on will result in even further improvements."

~ RickDenver, CO

Male, Age 67 years, Parkinson's disease

"During the study period with Dr. Elster I have enjoyed a dramatic improvement in energy level, strength, and agility. This change has been clearly demonstrated by a significant increase in my skill and enjoyment of skiing. Thank you Dr. Elster."

~Chuck, Denver, CO

Female, Age 53 years, Parkinson's disease

"I have had PD for 20 years and have had neck problems, dystonia, and cramping, etc. for at least the last five years. My head would pull down on my left shoulder and it was very painful. I would take muscle relaxants and tranquilizers and my husband would massage my neck and shoulders but it would take hours before it would come loose. So when I heard about Dr. Elster, I really wanted to participate in her study. She has helped me a lot. I still get dystonia but not nearly as often or as severe. I had stopped driving because I would get too tired and I didn't feel safe at the wheel. Now most of the time I drive myself and really enjoy the independence again. I disliked having to depend on someone else. I still have PD but Dr. Elster has made it much easier to live with."

~ ArlyceLongmont, CO 

Post-Concussion Syndrome and Whiplash

Female, Age 28 years, Post-Concussion Syndrome

"I was traveling downhill on my bicycle when a motorcycle came shooting out of the alley in front of me. The impact launched me some 20-30 feet in the air and I landed on my head. I was wearing a helmet, and was extremely fortunate to be alive, but I was unprepared for what having a head and neck injury meant. It was like jumping from the age of 26 to 86 in a split second. I walked in circles trying to remember what I was doing. Stairs were difficult; reading was extremely difficult; crossing the street was frightening; I had trouble finding words; I had trouble organizing written thoughts; grocery stores were a nightmare; noise and commotion was painful and brought on nausea. But the most difficult part was that I had no energy and pushing myself in any way made me extremely sick. Trying to work a 40-hour week brought on symptoms. By Tuesday afternoon, I would feel so nauseous and my head would hurt so severely that all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and hide from the world. Any sort of exercise made me nauseous, faint, and unsteady. Where I had always been able to overcome any obstacle, I was running into a brick wall. Of course, colleagues and those medical practitioners unfamiliar with head injury all believed that I could get better if I wanted to, that this was all psychosomatic. But I had a sense that circulation or something was being blocked, so I kept looking for someone who could help.

When I first saw Dr. Elster, my x-rays showed that my atlas was out of alignment. Having it corrected made all the difference-- and my last treatment held for two months. I am myself again. Exercise feels like it used to - it brings me energy rather than draining it. I can balance career and home, and go to a restaurant, and see friends, all in the same week. I can't tell you how much it makes me smile to say this."

~ Tania, Boulder, CO

Female, Age 49 years, Neck and Back Pain, Numbness in Arms and Legs, Whiplash

"I am a 49-year-old woman who was in a car accident almost 4 years ago, during which time my car was hit on the driver's side by another rapidly moving vehicle. At the time, I injured my neck and back, resulting in pain, stiffness, and muscle and spine instability. I was treated by a traditional chiropractor for the next couple of years, but never really resolved my neck or back issues completely.

I began seeing Dr. Erin Elster three years after the accident. At the first appointment, she took a series of cervical x-rays that showed my atlas vertebrae was displaced and rotated. I then began a treatment protocol with Dr. Elster. Immediately I noticed that her neck adjustments did not involve "wrenching" my neck from side to side-- a maneuver which I have always found painful and distressing. Her corrections are subtle and precise, rarely causing much pain. Gradually over time, I began to notice many of my symptoms lessening-- I had felt numbness in my left leg and foot, as well as in my left arm at times, both which improved when my neck was in proper alignment. Most of my life I've had some trouble breathing, due to one paralyzed vocal cord, but even my breathing has improved with proper atlas alignment.

The most surprising change was that I have less lower back issues as long as my neck stays stable. I have not needed to see any other chiropractor for neck or back problems since I began with Dr. Elster 15 months ago. I am amazed that keeping such a small part of my body (my atlas) aligned and healthy, can make such a big difference for the rest of my body's health. I am very grateful to Dr. Elster for her atlas treatment-- it is making such a huge difference in my health!"

~ Kathy S. Thornton, CO

Male, Age 25 years, Neck Pain, Headaches, Numbness in Hands, Chronic Fatigue

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Elster for her outstanding care. I had been suffering for six months from chronic fatigue, restlessness, numbness of fingers and hands, neck pain, and headaches after a car accident. Upon referral from my girlfriend, I decided to set all skepticism aside and visit Dr. Elster's office. Even though Dr. Elster noted my skepticism right away, she continued to explain the possibilities available for me. I do have to admit that I did not believe that her care would help to relieve my numerous symptoms. After she explained the reasons for my discomfort through x-rays, experience, and acquired knowledge, I agreed to treatment. The treatment itself was comfortable and I could see positive results within a short period of time. The only thing I still don't believe about Dr. Elster's treatment is that all of my symptoms had nearly disappeared within one week -- after only ONE atlas treatment! My only regret is that I did not seek Dr. Elster's help sooner. I would highly recommend her services to anyone. Thank you very much, Dr. Elster!"

~ Dennis, Denver, CO

Female, Age 34 years, Chronic Neck Pain

"Go See Dr. Elster! She is a master at her craft, I am so happy I stumbled upon her.

Here's my story...

I had old ski injury that I never fully recovered from; my symptoms weren't life-threatening just life-annoying. I had occasional neck and shoulder pain.  Then, I was rear ended in a classic car without a headrest! ugh!  It was very painful and I was scared I'd never be back to normal.  I saw Dr. Elster that same day; she was very comforting and had me ice and return the following day for x-rays and an atlas correction.  For the next few weeks I needed to see her weekly, but I was thankful for the relief.  During this time I was in Oahu and all of a sudden, I needed relief quick, but Dr. Elster was on Maui 🙁  I looked up some doctors that specialized in cervical treatment and decided to give one a shot.  The good thing I got out of that visit was even more respect and admiration of Dr. Elster.  The adjustment didn't help, but the other practitioner couldn't stop asking me about Dr. Elster, because she is known in her field as the best.  She has done the research to prove the method she practices works and other doctors study her research.  And, we have her on Maui!! Yay!  .....So back to my progress.... I quickly progressed to twice a month appointments for about 3 months.  Then all of a sudden, I didn't need an adjustment for two appointments in a row! It has been about 2 months since my last treatment and I still feel great!  I didn't know that I could have a stressful day, do endless amounts of writing and have my shoulder and neck feel just fine.  I thought that I just held my stress in that area and that was life - NOPE, not anymore!  Oh and an extra added bonus, I used to have occasional constipation, not anymore 🙂 my body is aligned properly now, so everything works better...

Also, I sent my husband to Dr. Elster, he stayed in alignment after only one atlas correction - lucky dog.  He doesn't complain about his shoulder pain anymore.  If you are considering it at all, go see Dr. Elster, you'll be stoked!"

~ Vanessa, Wailuku, HI 

Female, Age 43 years, Back Pain, Joint Pain, TMJ, Hypertension, Overweight

"Two of my best friends were seeing Dr. Elster, but I didn't feel I needed atlas treatment. My only obvious symptom was occasional neck pain after standing under an overly powerful fake waterfall at a hotel pool.

Historically I'd also had problems with the posture required to wash dishes - slightly bent over and hands out front.  But hubby handles it so no problem! Also, I had pains here and there and a pesky extra 100lbs or so on my 5'6" frame (yikes!).

I went to consult with Dr. E, ‘just to see,’ and my X-ray showed atlas displacement so I started treatment. She said, ‘You're likely to be more inclined to be active.’

Symptoms I didn't know I had started to disappear.  Foot and leg pain started to disappear. I began to be more intentional about my movements and more conscious of my body. And yes...I was more inclined to be active as my body felt more agile and strong!

One year into treatment, I found out about a new way of eating which incorporated intermittent and extended fasting with a low carb, no sugar, real food diet.  I started shedding pounds.

I began doing longer and more strenuous hikes, swimming more often, looking for and accomplishing physical challenges, doing core exercises regularly.
Here's what's improved in my life after 2 years with Dr. Elster:

*Having energy to make dinner on days when I had exercised was a big deal for me.  I hated feeling like I had to choose between taking care of me or my family. Now I can do both.
*TMJ/clicking and popping is gone
*A minor lisp from misaligned jaw/teeth gone (this actually comes back when my atlas is out of place)
*No pain washing dishes
*Foot pain gone
*Pee leaks gone
*More confidence
*Greater physical strength
*Increased drive and energy for sex
*Stopped snoring completely
*stopped blood pressure medication
*Lost 80 pounds
*Took on a second job
*bought a car
*Climbed a rock my daughter begged me to climb with her but I had been so scared and insecure about my ability to do it.  I had promised her years before that I would not give up until I could do it with her.
*I feel more aligned physically, but also spiritually, mentally, emotionally.
*I think clearer.
*I'm less angry and more patient with my kids.

My daughter began to see Dr. Elster with me after my first year.  She's now 13 and has no more headaches or sleep problems. She is also more energetic and calmer emotionally.

I'm surprised at how many symptoms I didn't know I had that have gone and left me happier and healthier.  Thank you Dr. Elster!"

~ Alison, Pukalani, HI

Female, Age 53 years, Chronic Neck and Back Pain

"Dr. Erin Elster is the finest Atlas Specialist in Hawaii.  I am so blessed to have met her and to receive her expert care. I had a car accident 33 years ago and she adjusted that old neck injury so I could move my neck freely again!  It was the most amazing correction I ever had!  Now my body stays aligned for a much longer period of time and my scoliosis is cured too!  I have learned that when my neck is straight, the rest of my body and spine goes back into alignment. Thank you Dr. Elster for changing my life!"

~ Deborah, Kihei, HI 

Male, Age 30 years, Chronic Neck Pain, Nerve Pain

"Absolutely amazing Atlas Specialist! I had been to several different practitioners on Maui. I was misdiagnosed several times by other Doctors. I went to see Doctor Elster and she gave me a proper diagnosis, wasn't pushy and truly cared about fixing my neck and nerves in a safe way. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great, caring practitioner that isn't after your money but after improving your spine. Thank you Dr. Elster!!"

~ Chris, Makawao, HI

Female, Age 30 years, Whiplash, Back Pain

"After a head/neck injury from falling on ice and a rear end collision (where I was thrown into a windshield) two years ago, I suffered from spinal pain and tried many practitioners with minimal results. I was able to continue with my training (marathon running), but with a lot of pain and frustration. After only two weeks in Dr. Elster's care, I felt progress. Being a marathon runner takes its toll on my joints- especially my back. With the atlas corrections that Dr. Elster has made, my running has improved and I can run without pain! Also, she is training my spine to hold its position so I can continue injury-free!"

~ Tara, Boulder, CO

Female, Age 55 years, Whiplash

"My neck was injured a few weeks ago and as a result I am so blessed to be receiving wonderful care from amazing doctors:) Dr. Erin Elster is an atlas doctor, the best in her field, and she has been beautifully assisting my atlas to come back into alignment. We are so blessed to have such a gifted doctor on Maui! I highly recommend seeing her at:"

~ Sophia, Hana, HI

Temporal Arteritis

Female, Age 67 years, Temporal Arteritis, Headaches

"One year ago, I had two serious head injuries, both of which caused concussions. It was a vog-filled summer in Hawaii and as the summer progressed, my head hurt constantly. I projected that the ongoing head pain was due to the heavy vog, as all my friends were similarly suffering.  A visit to the ER was a waste of time so when a high fever and vision problems set in and the headaches became debilitating, my doctor put all the symptoms together and diagnosed that I had Temporal Arteritis, an auto-immune disease affecting the arteries in my cranium and put me on 40 mg of Prednisone. I was sent to a neurologist, a surgeon and then underwent the care of a rheumatologist, who increased the Prednisone to 60 mg. I gained 50 lbs., was unrecognizable, and slept only two hours or less a night.

By great fortune I picked up the Maui Weekly outside the health food store and later read the article, ‘Healthy and Well-Adjusted’ about Dr. Erin Elster. In the article autoimmune conditions were mentioned with reported recovery, so I called Dr. Elster and made an appointment. X-rays were taken at Triangle Square and that same morning, I viewed the X-rays with her to see that my atlas was out nearly 3 mm. Dr. Elster corrected my atlas and immediately the symptoms were over!

My gratitude on that auspicious day for the work of Dr. Elster has increased a hundredfold. She has also helped many of my friends. When I think of her my heart feels so enormously happy for changing my life, which would have been destroyed by Prednisone and its side effects.

Thank you Dr. Elster!"

~ M.S., Kihei, HI

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Male, Age 66 years, Trigeminal Neuralgia

"Dear Dr. Elster, Please accept this note of appreciation and gratitude for your kindness, knowledge and skillful approach for addressing severe, debilitating conditions.  A few nights ago, I felt a slight throbbing discomfort in my lower left jaw that I thought was a dental issue.  The next day I had an emergency visit to my dentist in which x-rays did not show any inflammation or decay.  The dentist offered to do a root canal but could not promise that it would stop the pain.  Additionally, the dentist suggested that I see my primary care doctor, who referred me to a neurologist.  Fortunately I had an appointment with you, Dr. Elster, that afternoon.  By that time, the level of facial pain was beyond anything I had ever experienced.  Immediately, you identified my condition most likely as Trigeminal Neuralgia; you showed me where the nerve is located and how my atlas vertebrae was pinching this nerve.  You assured me that the pain could be handled without surgery.  With your first adjustment, my pain went from level 10+ to level 1.  That was a true miracle - what effective treatment totally unrecognized by the allopathic medical industry!  Your treatment along with following your post-treatment advice ended the crippling nerve pain that I was suffering.  Your compassion, knowledge, and encouragement changed my life completely.  Thank you!"

~ C.L., Kihei, HI