Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Elster is repeatedly asked a few questions. Here are answers for the most common.

Is Dr. Elster in private practice?

No; no longer. Dr. Elster departed private practice in 2020 to focus exclusively upon her experimental research full time.

What is Dr. Elster working on?

Dr. Elster is currently working with healthcare industry leaders to scientifically validate the repeatable and reliable anecdotal case data she collected from 5000 cases during her 25 years in private practice using her unique Atlas Neural Alignment™ protocol. Her research will strive to unequivocally verify the efficacy of her ANA™ protocol with trauma-induced neurological disorders sustained through brain injury, concussion, and whiplash.

This dedicated project is the culmination of her career’s primary effort: to make her treatment more widely available to those suffering with trauma-induced neurological disorders, including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, migraine and cluster headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, temporal arteritis, cervical dystonia, fibromyalgia, post-concussion syndrome, vertigo disorders, Tourette syndrome, essential tremor, and more.

Can Dr. Elster make referrals?

Unfortunately, no. Dr. Elster is the sole practitioner worldwide of her Atlas Neural Alignment™ protocol. She has not yet trained other practitioners, so no others are familiar with her innovative ANA™ method pioneered specifically for trauma-induced neurological cases.

How can I support Dr. Elster’s research?

If you have been a patient of Dr. Elster’s and would like to help her, she requests that you write a patient letter documenting your treatment experience and results. If you are interested in providing such a letter, please contact Dr. Elster.

If you are interested in participating in her research as a patient, a research assistant, or as an investor, please contact Dr. Elster

More detailed instructions for research participants and donors will be forthcoming. Dr. Elster is grateful for your interest and support!

Do you have any other questions for Dr. Elster?

Please contact Dr. Elster.