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A Norwegian Patient's Experience

Letter from Kristin (January 2007)

"I'm a patient from Europe who would like to take the opportunity to thank Dr. Elster for her outstanding chiropractic care during the last 7 months. I sustained a neck injury after a skiing accident 3 years ago, and experienced debilitating symptoms like chronic fatigue, excessive need for sleep, excruciating headaches, dizziness, nausea, tinnitus, muscular tensions, noise and light sensitivity. I had been to several neurologists, doctors and physiotherapists, all to no avail. The MRIs were negative and my doctors told me that nothing was really wrong with me, but I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. The symptoms prevented me from being able to work at all and I had to rely on welfare benefits, being awake only a few painful hours every day.

I found Dr. Elster¹s website accidentally on the internet and emailed her immediately after reading about her upper cervical care. Since I'm from Norway, Europe, it was a big decision for me to take the chance and go to Boulder to see Dr. Elster. I had to borrow money to be able to go, and at the time I went to the States my symptoms had worsened, so the long journey was very hard on me. Dr. Elster was able to pinpoint the injury no other doctor had found and she started her care immediately after the initial assessment. I had cleared 4 months to stay in Boulder but after only 6-7 weeks I was getting so much better (and restless) that I began to travel the world again, doing the things I love to do, photography and scuba diving. I've been able to travel between Boulder and foreign countries, staying in Boulder regularly for treatments and check-ups in between my travels. I will soon start working again as a clinical psychologist only 7 months after the treatment started.

I'm ashamed to admit I was rather sceptical that Dr. Elster would be able to cure me, since I had so many debilitating symptoms and I'd been sick for so long. I am extremely happy I took the chance and went to the States to see Dr. Elster. My recovery feels like a miracle. If you are experiencing symptoms related to an upper neck injury, take the chance and go to see her. If she's able to help you, it'll be well worth the cost and effort.

Dr. Elster is one of the most professional and efficient practitioners I've ever met and I am forever grateful for her care."

Kristin, age 32