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Insurance and Fees

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Fees are payable in the form of cash, check, or credit card when service is rendered.

FEES FOR SERVICES RENDERED (Effective June 1, 2013 and subject to change):

  • First Visit / New Patient Consultation (45 minutes) - $115
  • Routine Office Visit (30-60 minutes) - $65
  • Upper Cervical X-rays (billed separately through Maui Diagnostic Imaging) - $99

INSURANCE:  Dr. Elster does not bill insurance companies but she will provide you with an insurance receipt (superbill) that you can send directly to your company to request reimbursement.  Dr. Elster is NOT a participating provider with any insurance companies including PPO's, HMO's, Kaiser and Medicare.  Please be advised that insurance coverage for chiropractic varies and your company may or may not cover chiropractic services, may have limitations on the number of paid visits, and may have a deductible or exclusions.

X-RAY:  Dr. Elster has arranged for the necessary x-rays to be taken at Maui Diagnostic Imaging in Kahului.  Due to the specificity of the views, it is not possible to have the x-rays taken elsewhere. Please note that MDI is an insurance provider and will bill insurance on your behalf.  

MEDICARE PATIENTS:  Please be advised that Dr. Elster is not a Medicare provider. Therefore, according to Medicare laws, Dr. Elster is not permitted to provide service to any patient on Medicare (Medicare Benefit Policy Manual, Chapter 15, Section 40.4.) Dr. Elster apologizes for this inconvenience.