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Case Studies - Trigeminal Neuralgia

Female, Age 38 years, Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN), Dizziness
This 38-year-old female started experienced TN pain for 3 years. It began with a "shock" sensation above her lip and eventually moved throughout the right side of her face and forehead. She was initially prescribed 200mg of Neurontin (nerve pain medication) and eventually increased up to 1800mg per day to try to reduce the pain. Even while taking 1800mg of Neurontin per day, she experienced excruciating pain on the right side of her face and forehead. She also experienced dizzy spells, ear ringing, and hearing loss on the right. Medical doctors had no answers other than to suggest surgery to possibly impact the involved nerves and blood vessels.

During this patient's upper cervical exam, a neck injury was found. When questioned as to possible traumatic causes of the injury from her medical history, she recalled experiencing a blow to her head shortly before the onset of the TN pain and her other symptoms. This blow to her head most likely caused the upper cervical injury. After several months of upper cervical care to correct the upper neck injury, she was pain-free, and gradually reduced her pain medication. The dizziness, ear ringing, and hearing loss were also absent after upper cervical care.

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