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Case Studies - Numbness / Tingling in Arms

Male, Age 58 years, Asthma, Shingles, Arm Tingling
This 58-year-old male suffered with asthma for 3 years. He used daily inhalers (4 puffs per day each of 2 inhalers for a total of 8 puffs per day) and still had difficulty breathing while running or frequent talking. He also had an outbreak of shingles on his torso and had been taking an anti-viral medication with no results. In addition, he had been experiencing occasional tingling in his right arm for many years. During his initial exam, an upper cervical injury was discovered that was compromising his immune function.

After the first upper cervical adjustment, the sores on his torso began healing. Within two weeks, the lesions were gone. Also his arm tingling never occurred again after the start of upper cervical care. His use of asthma inhalers was reduced to 1 puff per day instead of 8 after several months of upper cervical care. Eventually, all asthma medications were discontinued.

Male, Age 51 years, Arm Numbness, Asthma

This 51-year-old male fell while skiing. Afterwards, he experienced numbness in his left arm. The arm stayed constantly numb for three months before he sought help from upper cervical care. In addition, he experienced asthma and allergies since childhood and frequently used an inhaler for chest congestion. During his initial chiropractic examination, an upper neck injury was discovered that most likely stemmed from his ski accident.

After the first adjustment, the numbness in his arm decreased to an intermittent occurrence. One month later, the numbness was gone. He also noticed correction of an injury in his left shoulder-- he no longer had pain there. Finally, the chest congestion reduced substantially. He claimed his allergy symptoms improved 80-85% since the beginning of care one month ago.


"I am writing to thank Dr. Elster for all the good work she's done on my neck. The tingling sensation in my arm that I got from my ski accident is almost completely gone and that is a big relief. Even more important for me, however, is that my allergies and exercise-induced asthma are much better. I had looked at Dr. Elster's literature before I went to see her, and understood the connection she made between spinal cord irritation and allergies. In my case, the connection seems to be very much there. My hay fever started to diminish within the first three weeks of neck adjustments, and continued to improve all summer. I've had less trouble with hay fever this summer than any summer since I moved to Colorado. The hay fever improvement is easy to notice, but I wouldn't be surprised to find that my other organs have been helped by this treatment as well. So, thank you for changing my life. " Brian, age 51, October '99

Female, Age 16 years, Chronic Sinus Congestion, Sinus Headaches

This 16-year-old female suffered with chronic sinus trouble since approximately third grade. She always had a stuffy nose and clogged sinuses and had frequent colds, causing her to feel sinus pressure and headaches. One year ago she had surgery for a deviated septum in an attempt to improve the problem but it had little effect. She frequently felt sinus headaches and vertigo during altitude, pressure, or weather changes.

During her initial chiropractic examination, an upper cervical injury was found. After upper cervical care, her sinuses drained, her nose cleared, she breathed freely through her nose, and she no longer had headaches, pressure, or vertigo.

Female, Age 28 years, Headaches, Essential/Familial Tremor, Anxiety
This 28-year-old experienced nervousness, tremors and anxiety attacks since childhood. She took medication to calm her nerves and control the tremors. In addition, since taking up snowboarding 4 years ago and falling numerous times on her head, she experienced headaches, many of them escalating into migraines. During certain headaches, her left hand went numb. She took approximately 4 ibuprofen per week for headache pain. After one month of care, the headaches, tremors, nervousness, and anxiety stopped and she discontinued all medications.


"I began having migraines during the last 5 years after crashes snowboarding. My massage therapist suggested that I visit Dr. Elster to help relieve the headaches that I had been treating with daily medication. Within 2 weeks, my symptoms began to lessen. Within a month, I was able to stop taking my medication. My migraines have stopped, and as an added bonus, a life-long condition of tremors and anxiety disappeared also! Thank you Dr. Elster!" Liz, age 28, March 1998

Male, Age 34 years, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Numbness & Tingling in Hand and Thigh
After working for 10 years as an engineer and spending most of his days on a computer, this 34-year-old male was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. His symptoms included pain, numbness and tingling, and muscle weakness in his right wrist and hand, and sharp pain in his neck and shoulders. Occasionally, his neck "locked up" and he could not move it due to pain. In addition, he tapped his right leg while working on the computer and experienced numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness in his right thigh. Over the past 10 years, he tried many forms of health care with no success, including general chiropractic, wrist braces, anti-inflammatory drugs, rest, exercises, etc.

During this patient's initial examination, extreme weakness in his right hand was noted during grip strength testing and wrist extension. Right hip flexion also was weak. An upper neck injury was discovered during x-ray and thermographic examination. After the first upper cervical adjustment, the muscle strength in his wrist, hand, and thigh was 90% restored, and the numbness and tingling in both his hand and thigh were completely gone. Range of motion in his neck was greatly improved. After 1 month of care, he was pain-free and symptom-free, while still working on the computer 8 hours per day.

Female, Age 58 years, Neck Pain, Tingling from elbow to fingers, Headaches, Hip Pain
This 58-year-old female experienced neck pain, headaches, tingling from her left elbow down through her fingers, and right hip pain for 2 months before seeking help from upper cervical care. When discussing her medical history, she recalled two falls where she tripped while trail running several months before her symptoms started.

During her upper cervical chiropractic exam, an upper neck injury was found-- most likely stemming from one or both of her falls while running. After only 1 month of upper cervical care, all symptoms healed and have never returned.

Female, Age 40 years, Headaches, Neck Pain, Clavicle Pain, Numbness in Fingers
This 40-year-old female suffered with neck and clavicle pain and numbness in her 3rd and 4th fingers of her right hand for the past 6 months. Her right grip strength was weak and she complained of pain in her right elbow. She also suffered from headaches approximately once per week. The neck injury possibly stemmed from two different auto accidents she experienced eight years prior.

This patient was adjusted only three times and had complete correction of her neck pain, clavicle pain, headaches, finger numbness, and grip weakness within two weeks of upper cervical care.

Male, Age 25 years, Post Auto-accident Neck Pain, Headaches, Numbness in Hands, Fatigue
After an auto-accident last spring, this 25-year-old male experienced spinal pain, fatigue, restlessness, headaches, and numbness in his hands for the last 6 months. After the first adjustment, his symptoms improved substantially. One month later, he did not need to be adjusted again and all of his symptoms were completely gone. Eighteen months later, he had no return of symptoms.


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Elster for her outstanding chiropractic care. I had been suffering for 6 months from chronic fatigue, restlessness, numbness of fingers and hands, neck pain, and headaches after a car accident. Upon referral from my girlfriend, I decided to set all skepticism aside and visit Dr. Elster's office. Even though Dr. Elster noted my skepticism right away, she continued to explain the possibilities available for me. I do have to admit that I did not believe that her care would help to relieve my numerous symptoms. After she explained the reasons for my discomfort through x-rays, experience, and acquired knowledge, I agreed to treatment. The treatment itself was comfortable and I could see positive results within a short period of time. The only thing I still don't believe about Dr. Elster's treatment is that all of my symptoms had nearly disappeared within one week -- after only ONE adjustment! My only regret is that I did not seek Dr. Elster's help sooner. I would highly recommend her services to anyone. Thank you very much, Dr. Elster!" Dennis, age 25, December '97

Male, Age 7 years, Severe Leg Pains
This 7-year-old male suffered from severe, unexplained leg pains since he could verbalize around age 2. He had undergone many evaluations but a specific diagnosis was never rendered. The pains typically occurred at night, were severe, and caused the boy to experience extreme fits of screaming and crying. After undergoing allergy testing to elimate certain foods that caused reactions as well as taking homeopathic remedies, the legs pains decreased in frequency to approximately two episodes per month.

During the boy's initial evaluation, an injury in his upper cervical spine was discovered. When questioned as to possible causes of the injury, his mother recalled a fall at age 2 in which he hit his head hard against the floor as well as a difficult birth in which the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck.

After upper cervical care was administered, no further leg pains occurred.

Male, Age 29 years, Achilles Tendonitis, Uneven Running Gait
This 29-year-old runner had run during high school and college, but had to stop in recent years due to chronic achilles tendonitis. He had tried many forms of treatment but was unable to alleviate the pain unless he stopped running altogether. He also described himself an having an "uneven gait" when he ran. He claimed that he felt like he struck harder on one leg compared to the other side.

During his initial examination, a spinal injury was discovered, with the primary site located at his upper neck. The neck injury was causing his spine and pelvis to shift into a stressed, weakened posture, that was putting greater pressure on one leg compared to the other. After having his neck injury corrected, all Achilles pain healed and remained absent so that he was able to once again resume running 60 miles per week.

Male, Age 58 years, Neck Pain, Arm Weakness / Tingling
This 58-year-old male was concerned about his career as a pilot because of pain stemming from his neck, that traveled down his right arm, causing weakness and tingling in his arm. The weakness was most problematic in his right tricep muscle and right shoulder. He was extremely concerned that if the problem didn't resolve, he would have to retire from flying.

At his initial chiropractic evaluation, a spinal injury stemming from his upper neck was discovered. After his first upper cervical adjustment, his symptoms decreased dramatically. Within one month, all symptoms were absent and he was able to continue his career as a pilot.

Female, Age 52 years, Whiplash, Pain, Dizziness, Anxiety, Numbness
This 52-year-old female was involved in an auto accident six months prior to upper cervical care in which she was hit sideways at 45 miles per hour. For six months, she experienced numbness of her face, blurred vision, headaches, ear ringing, anxiety, dizziness, loss of sleep, and neck and mid back pain. She tried general chiropractic care and had some relief but the results were temporary. After suffering for six months, she tried upper cervical care.

After a careful analysis of her neck injury from the auto accident, she received her first adjustment. After the first adjustment, she reported that her anxiety was cut in half, she had no headaches, her ear popped open and the ringing stopped, she slept better, the pain was reduced, and dizziness stopped. One week later, all symptoms were corrected except for some slight numbness in her face. Two weeks later, the numbness healed as well. Months later, she remained symptom-free.

Female, Age 48 years, Numbness, Pain, and Tingling down Extremities
After an auto accident 10 years ago, this 48-year-old female experienced neck pain, numbness and tingling down her arms and legs, and headaches ever since. An upper cervical chiropractic examination revealed an upper neck injury, most likely the result of her accident ten years prior.

After the first upper cervical adjustment, all of the numbness and tingling was gone. A few adjustments later, she was pain and symptom free and has remained symptom-free ever since.

Female, Age 37 years, Tennis Elbow
This 37-year-old female had struggled for several months with tennis elbow. While she was a tennis player, she played only a couple of times per week and did not understand how tennis elbow could have developed. Once the symptoms began, she stopped playing tennis regularly to let her elbow rest. She also began icing her elbow and receiving acupuncture. After she had let her elbow rest for two months and the pain was still there, she sought out help from upper cervical chiropractic.

During her evaluation, an injury in her neck was discovered. It was explain to her that nerves traveling from her neck to her arm were being compromised, therefore, preventing her arm from healing fully. After her first upper cervical adjustment, she stated her arm improved until completely healed within a week.

Female, Age 40 years, Sciatica
This 40-year-old female experienced sciatica down her left leg since childhood. It came and went and was most severe after exercise such as hiking or racquetball. Often she avoided sports for several months at a time due to pain. She had various chiropractic adjustments to her low back over the years that provided some temporary relief but didn't fix the problem permanently.

During her initial exam, her left low back, buttocks, and hamstring were sore to the touch. She had limited range of motion while bending side to side. After only 2 upper cervical adjustments, her sciatica was gone. One year later, she was still pain-free and enjoying her favorite sporting activities.

Male, Age 53 years, Neck, Arm, Leg Pain, Arm Tingling
This 53-year-old male suffered for many years from neck and upper back pain, tingling down his left arm into his left hand, and a painful and swollen left leg. His job required for him to work at a computer for many hours over the past 25 years.

While this patient assumed that his computer work was to blame for his symptoms, he underwent an upper cervical exam. A neck injury was found so he began upper cervical care. After only a few short weeks, his leg pain healed so he was able to resume long walks after work. Also, his arm tingling stopped and his neck pain healed. He was symptom-free in just a few short weeks after suffering with pain for many years.

Female, Age 49 years, Neck and Back Pain, Numbness in Arms and Legs, Whiplash

"I am a 49-year-old woman who was in a car accident almost 4 years ago, during which time my car was hit on the driver's side by another rapidly moving vehicle. At the time, I injured my neck and back, resulting in pain, stiffness, and muscle and spine instability. I was treated by a traditional chiropractor for the next couple of years, but never really resolved my neck or back issues completely.

I began seeing Dr. Erin Elster three years after the accident. At the first appointment, she took a series of cervical x-rays that showed the upper cervical vertebrae were displaced and rotated. I then began a treatment protocol with Dr. Elster. Immediately I noticed that her neck adjustments did not involve "wrenching" my neck from side to side-- a maneuver which I have always found painful and distressing. Her adjustments are subtle and precise, rarely causing much pain. Gradually over time, I began to notice many of my symptoms lessening-- I had felt numbness in my left leg and foot, as well as in my left arm at times, both which improved when my neck was in proper alignment. Most of my life I've had some trouble breathing, due to one paralyzed vocal cord, but even my breathing has improved with proper neck alignment.

The most surprising change was that I have less lower back issues as long as my neck stays stable. I have not needed to see any other chiropractor for neck or back problems since I began with Dr. Elster 15 months ago. I am amazed that keeping such a small part of my body (my upper neck) aligned and healthy, can make such a big difference for the rest of my body's health. I am very grateful to Dr. Elster for her upper cervical treatment-- it is making such a huge difference in my health!"

~ Kathy S. Thornton, CO

Female, Age 38 years, Chronic Fatigue, Asthma, Radiating Pain


"Dear Dr. Elster,

It has been a little over a year that I had my first visit with you and I want to express my sincere gratitude for your role in my healing! I arrived at your office with symptoms of: constant fatigue, breathing difficulties, severe constipation, radiating pain on the right side of my body and many more!

I walked in with a feeling of hopelessness, dragged in by a client of yours whom you had helped, doubtful that you, or anyone else for that matter, would be able to help me. You were the 9th specialist within a year and a half that I sought out for my symptoms. I saw allergists, thyroid specialists, Ear Nose and Throat Specialists, Pulmonary Specialists and your typical chiropractor, they could not figure out what was wrong with me!! I was on asthma medication, pain killers and steroids but the doctors could not figure out why I could not breathe! Not only did I lose my health but I lost my job while I continued to spend thousands out of my pocket on finding a medical solution.

After my initial x-ray, exam and history evaluation with you, you told me "I can help you", I was stunned because you were the first medical professional to tell me what was wrong with me and you gave me the assurance that you could fix it!! I had my doubts but I decided to give you and your technique a chance! I thank God that I did!

After a couple of weeks, I was off my asthma medication and steroids and was in less pain. Prior to visiting you, I saw a chiropractor in Brighton who tried to help me but was clueless and he too told me that it must be allergies to the environment! I had heard it all before!

I'm writing this letter to you to tell you what a wonderful gift you are to me and to so many others!! I have started running again, going to the gym and the majority of my symptoms have cleared up just as you promised that they would. I am grateful to have my health back and thus my life! I owe it all to you!!"

~ Nikki C., Longmont, CO

Male, Age 44 years, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Neck Pain

This 44-year-old male described suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) for close to 10 years.  He suffered from pain and tingling from his right hand, up his arm, to his neck.  He had been forced to leave at least one computer job due to the severity of his symptoms.  When questioned about the timing of the onset of his symptoms, he recalled a bad fall skiing, which preceded the onset of his symptoms.  During this skiing incident, he fell down a cliff and somersaulted on his head and thought this fall might have injured his neck.  His CTS symptoms began after the skiing fall and continued ever since.

An upper cervical chiropractic evaluation was performed and an injury was discovered through thermographic and radiographic testing.  After the first upper cervical correction, he felt immediately relief in his hand, arm, and neck.  After receiving treatment over the subsequent weeks to stabilize his neck, he reported absence of all symptoms and was able to resume working full time at a computer job.

Male, Age 57 years, Cervical Herniated Discs, Neck Pain, Numbness in Left Arm, Muscle Spasms

This 57-year-old male was recently diagnosed with cervical herniated discs at the C5-6-7 levels.  When questioned, he reported that he was completely unaware that there were any problems in his neck until recently.  He reported a sudden onset of cervical pain including loss of range of motion, inability to turn his head left and right, "creaking" sounds in his neck, nerve pain down his left arm, and muscle spasms in his left shoulder, arm, and chest muscles.  His doctors recommended a course of anti-inflammatory injections into his neck and then surgery.  Upon recommendation from a colleague, he chose to undergo an upper cervical chiropractic evaluation instead.

During his evaluation, an injury stemming from the upper cervical spine was discovered.  When questioned, he reported several different accidents and sports injuries that had occurred in his past, which could have caused his cervical injury.  After the first upper cervical adjustment, he reported being able to turn his head left and right without any discomfort or "creaking" sounds.  No further muscle spasms occurred and the nerve pain healed over the subsequent weeks of treatment.  He was pleased that he was able to avoid the invasive and expensive surgical treatment plan recommended by his medical doctors.

Male, Age 55 years, Neck Pain, Herniated Disc, Nerve Pain Down Left Extremity

This 55-year-old male had been suffering with excruciating neck pain and nerve pain down his left arm for 2 years.  The pain was so severe that he had to modify his posture to mitigate it - his neck had to stay flexed forward and bent to the right.  If he tried to look overhead or to the left, the pain was overwhelming.  This inability to move his neck made his job as a construction worker fairly difficult. While his physicians diagnosed a herniated disc and recommended surgery, he was concerned about surgical intervention potentially affecting his ability to work construction.  He decided to undergo and upper cervical chiropractic evaluation instead.

During his evaluation, an injury stemming from the upper cervical spine was discovered.  This injury was compromising nerves as well as compressing discs in the lower neck.  After the first upper cervical adjustment, he reported immediated relief - the nerve pain lessened and he felt more mobility in his neck.    After two months, his case was stabilized, all symptoms were absent, he avoided surgery, and he resumed working full time in construction without any restrictions. 

Female, Age 51 years, Cervical Herniated Discs, Radicular Nerve Pain, Tingling Down Left Arm, Neck Pain

This 51-year-old female had been suffering from chronic neck problems due to 3 different auto accidents.  The symptoms she described were neck pain, reduced range of motion, and numbness and tingling down her left arm.  She had undergone general chiropractic care for many years and had some relief in her symptoms but she wanted to find a more permanent solution.  A recent MRI of her neck revealed herniated discs at the C5-6-7 levels.  Her neurosurgeon recommended surgery; however, she was fearful of surgery and wanted to find a less invasive treatment.  Ultimately, she was referred by her previous chiropractor to undergo an upper cervical chiropractic evaluation.

During her evaluation, an injury at the upper cervical level was discovered, which had not been addressed by her previous chiropractor.  This upper cervical injury was contributing to compression upon the lower cervical discs and joints, thereby preventing them from healing.    After undergoing the first upper cervical adjustment, she reported feeling a different level of relief compared to her previous chiropractic care.  She noted that she felt as though this was the first time that "the cause" of her problems was being addressed.  After treatment over the subsequent weeks, she reported complete resolution of her symptoms -  all neck and nerve pain was completely absent.  She was thrilled with her results, especially because she avoided surgery.

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